View from the tree sit…total destruction..but the cabling looks amazing, good work all those involved!..and this is not the end.

Action Update

Friday 15th march 2013
Action Update:
Late last night after Search and Rescue had tied off the cables attaching the machines and police and DPI had left the coup, the loggers were settling in for the night with some heavy handed techniques to stop our wallabies from entering the area. Our possum took his opportunity to scamper down and our black wallabies, with on the spot fines totally over $2000, left the logging area of Mount jersey. All of our crew arrived home very tired, but safe.
This is just the beginning, We will not stop the fight to save this precious area from being destroyed. We need your help. Technology including smart phones and UHF radios are needed as well as for all of you to spread the word of this devastation.

Action Update


Thursday 14th march 2013
Action Update:
Department of Primary Industries (DPI) arrived in the coup this afternoon. Our Black wallabies (ground support crew) scattered in the bush. Unfortunately, one wallaby has been caught and given a hefty $423 on the spot fine for being an unauthorised person entering a public safety zone. 
Search and Rescue arrived soon after and have tied off the cables from the tree sit. Machines have started working approx 75m from the tree. More arrests and fines are expected.

Calls for new Premier to put forest protection on the agenda


Thursday, 14th March, 

Media Release

Calls for new Premier to put forest protection on the agenda

as old-growth protests stop logging for a second consecutive day.

Protests against controversial logging in the old growth forest of Mount Jersey enter their second day today, with one man halting four logging machines. The volunteer conservationists is tied to a tree sit 30m in the air, and is stopping operations for the second consecutive day. He is supported on site by more than a dozen other conservationists in the logging zone.

With the recent departure of Ted Baillieu, and overhaul of the Coalition front bench, conservationists are calling on Premier Napthine to commence his term of leadership on a more forward-thinking note than the destructive environmental legacy of his predecessor,by protecting our dwindling forests.

 ”This change in leadership is a chance for the Napthine Government to shift away from Baillieu’s legacy of forest destruction, and protect Victoria’s iconic forests and the threatened species they contain,” said spokesperson for the Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO), Jo Edwards.

"Victorians are facing an extinction crisis in our publicly owned forests. Protection of forest habitat for endangered wildlife is paramount.”

The area has been subject to protest actions since November last year, when logging began in the area. Despite being habitat for the endangered Long Footed Potoroo, nearly 40 hectares have been clearfelled, and another 80 hectares of irreplaceable old growth forest is scheduled to be logged.

"Premier Napthine has the opportunity to be the Victorian Premier who calls a halt to the sale of our forests to prop up an ailing woodchip industry, and protects our unique forests for air, water and wildlife, and the long term tourism potential they present – but only if left standing.”

"The diverse, intact ecosystem of Mount Jersey is of extremely high conservation value - too important to log, woodchip and sell to Japanese pulp and paper giant, Nippon Paper, for paper products.”

"Although 37 hectares of this area were lost to logging last year, conservationists will keep vigilant watch to ensure the remaining 79 hectares of Mount Jersey and the rare wildlife it contains are protected,” said Ms Edwards.

GECO ph: (03) 5154 0179 ” ” ” ” email: 

Photos of todays action, Mt Jersey has been the site of ongoing actions since last year, it is a controversial forest area, it is full of amazing massive old growth trees and home to a high volume of bird species and the long footed potoroo.  Protests are expected to continue.  

It is ridiculous that in 2013 we are still blockading old growth forest, in these times of politicians spouting words like global warming it appears that thats all they are, words.  It is not only oil and mining that are destroying our planet, the destruction of these forests that are then replaced with plantations are part of the problem, leaving them in the ground would be part of the solution and a step forward in moving toward a healthier planet.  Stop Old Growth Logging Now.  

Updates will be forthcoming… 

Wanton Destruction of Ancient Trees
Wednesday 13th March 2013
Media Release
Wanton Destruction of Ancient Trees

The giant forests of Mount Jersey in East Gippsland have once again become the centre of protest actions today.

A conservationist is suspended in a tree sit, 30 metres high, above an intricate web of cables, halting four logging machines from working in the second of four scheduled old growth logging areas at Mt Jersey. 

Home of the Long Footed Potoroo, and classed as a rich bird site, the second of the four logging areas is now under immediate threat from the chainsaw blade. 

Since November last year, local conservationists have been measuring the girth of the stumps in the recently completed logging areas in Mount Jersey. 

One conservationist, John Flynn stated “We are sickened by the absolute wanton destruction. We measured the circumference of the stumps that remained after the clearfell logging, and they ranged from 7.15m, to 10.9m. These trees where enormous giants.”

The area of old growth forest to be cleared in Mount Jersey totals 116 hectares – which is equivalent to 58 football fields. 

Previously, these forest areas were designated as Special Management Zones, but became part of the 2,507 hectares of  public forests made available to the logging industry in August last year. 

According to the DSE, the legal maximum circumference of trees is a colossal 12.4 metres. 

“It is an irrational use of our precious natural resources for trees this large to be cut down, and sent to Nippons woodchip pile, to be exported to Japan for paper products” concluded Jo Edwards, spokesperson for the Goongerah Environment Centre.

Protests are expected to continue

Photos will be posted as they get sent in…expect updates as the days and weeks progress…

Do you measure the trees at DBHOB? or around the buttresses (ground level)?

we measure at chest height, which is what the regulations in Australia are when measuring yes the buttress.

what is the accepted scientific definition of old growth


While our tree sitter held the machines yesterday, conservationists measured the circumference of stumps within the Mount Jersey logging coupe. 

Along with one that was found underneath a pile of debris which could not be measured due to Department of Primary Industries wanting to arrest everyone, however, word is that it is larger than the 10.8m stump, the largest measured so far. Stay tuned, we’ll try and get a measurement.

And yes, you read it correctly, Department of PRIMARY INDUSTRIES is now the forestry arrest enforcers, can anyone get deputised these days?

1 tree sitter, 30 metres up a tree, is holding 5 machines within it’s intricate web….photos from todays blockade at Mt Jersey….

Unfortunately here’s the latest update on GECOs fb page
Under instructions from the state government Department of Primary Industries, logging contractors have tied four of the five tree sit ropes off to logs, freeing those machines and leaving one attached. Felling has recommenced in the close vicinity of the person in the tree sit. Conservationists remain on site.’ It is illegal to be in a ‘public safety zone’ but apparently its perfectly legal to then endanger those inside a ‘public safety zone’ …huh go figure. 

Wednesday 23 January, 2012
Protesters measure at Mount Jersey as enormous trees targeted for woodchipping.

For the second time this week, controversial logging operations at Mount Jersey in far East Gippsland are the site of protest activity.
“This morning thirty volunteer conservationists have entered the logging site to measure the size of trees being logged there,” said spokesperson for the group, Lauren Caulfield.
Trees as large as eleven metres in circumference have been felled and will be carted to the woodchippers.
“It is not a rational use of our natural resources to have these magnificent assets utilised for a low value product such as woodchips. And all at great cost to the taxpayer too.”
Last year Baillieu government loggers VicForest posted a loss of over $900,000.
“As the state’s environment minister, how can Ryan Smith stand by and allow this wasteful use of our resources?” asked Lauren Caulfield.
The conservationists will compile their findings and expose the Baillieu government’s wanton approach to forest conservation.
“Despite the forestry Minister Peter Walsh’s recent efforts to deter volunteer conservationists from monitoring tax-payer funded logging, protests have continued on site.”
“It is no longer viable for any state government to prop-up the logging of our forests. To log trees as large and magnificent at those on Mount Jersey is not sustainable, by anyone’s book,” concluded Ms Caulfield.

For more information and if you want to know whats going on in the Australian forests of Far East Gippsland, or want to get in contact with the GECO crew like our fb page…

A few more pics from yesterdays action.

Mr Walsh says it is now an offence to enter a public safety zone if timber harvesting operations are occurring.

Previously, trespassers only faced charges when they interfered with timber harvesting.

Trespassers can also be charged if they cause an object or substance to enter a public safety zone’

This is a big fat lie…protesters have always been charged with trespass whether they are interfering with logging operations or not, if they are in the exclusion zone they are arrested, depending on the mood of the forestry officer of course…and yes, we get arrested not by the police but by forestry officers with no training who, like cops, get very oh i am oh so powerful watch me roar and arrest your ass….and as shown by the actions today of GECO these ‘changes’ will not stop us from doing what needs to be done, it is insanity that with all this ‘talk’ of global warming, extinction rates, emissions, our planet, pollution, etc etc logging of old growth still continues, do people really need to still be educated on what trees do for the planet? On what their function is? ummm hello?

21 Jan- this is an eleven metre stump at a logging coupe at Mt Jersey that only last year was protected due to it being habitat for endangered critters, but this year, well see for yourselves…there are thirty people standing on that tree stump…it was protected for a reason and then logged for no reason…unless you think giving people jobs that are so insanely subsidised by the australian tax payers a reason..

Conservationists enter forest zone, stop logging.

Up to forty conservationists have again entered a logging zone and halted logging operations in controversial forests at Mt. Jersey in the state’s far east today. This comes on the back of Friday’s announcement by forestry minister Peter Walsh that the Ballieu government will toughen penalties for the state’s so-called “public safety zones” to exclude the public from monitoring contentious forestry operations.

“Local conservationists have recorded many instances of logging breaches over the years and with the increase of secrecy around controversial logging operations Victorians will know even less about what is actually going on in their publically owned forests,” said spokesperson Emily Black.