Here is an action that was done recently at Mt Jersey, there were plenty more before this one but to check out what was done previous to this and find out more information on why we are blockading the coupe on Mt Jersey check out 

Tuesday 18th December 2012

Tripod Structures Disrupt Logging Operations In East Gippsland

In a third consecutive week of actions, conservationists have again blockaded logging and hauling operations in state forest near Goongerah in East Gippsland.

Two tripods have been erected on roads to block access to an area of High Conservation Value, and Old Growth forest on Mt Jersey. Volunteer conservationists are sitting atop the tripods to prevent them being removed. A banner in Japanese reads “Nippon Paper Group please treat our forests as precious.”

“As the demand for woodchips has dried up, and with a recent reduction of the workforce at the Eden woodchip mill, there is no reason for these ecologically important forests to be logged only to have them sit on the wharf with nowhere to go ”, said spokesperson for the Goongerah Environment Centre, David Caldwell.

“ For the state government to suggest that contractors be offered 20 year contracts with a guarantee of timber supply is shameful, as the taxpayer will ultimately have to foot the bill for any payouts when the market collapses”, he continued.

“The logging and wood-chipping of the last 40 years has devastated the structure and diversity of Victoria’s forests. There is no excuse for the continuation of such a destructive and unsustainable industry that benefits a tiny minority and wrecks havoc on the environment”, he said.

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    Hell yeah…go GECO!!! If anyone went to these amazing forests they would know why people try to protect them…good work!
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