Wednesday 23 January, 2012
Protesters measure at Mount Jersey as enormous trees targeted for woodchipping.

For the second time this week, controversial logging operations at Mount Jersey in far East Gippsland are the site of protest activity.
“This morning thirty volunteer conservationists have entered the logging site to measure the size of trees being logged there,” said spokesperson for the group, Lauren Caulfield.
Trees as large as eleven metres in circumference have been felled and will be carted to the woodchippers.
“It is not a rational use of our natural resources to have these magnificent assets utilised for a low value product such as woodchips. And all at great cost to the taxpayer too.”
Last year Baillieu government loggers VicForest posted a loss of over $900,000.
“As the state’s environment minister, how can Ryan Smith stand by and allow this wasteful use of our resources?” asked Lauren Caulfield.
The conservationists will compile their findings and expose the Baillieu government’s wanton approach to forest conservation.
“Despite the forestry Minister Peter Walsh’s recent efforts to deter volunteer conservationists from monitoring tax-payer funded logging, protests have continued on site.”
“It is no longer viable for any state government to prop-up the logging of our forests. To log trees as large and magnificent at those on Mount Jersey is not sustainable, by anyone’s book,” concluded Ms Caulfield.

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